29 July 2019

Europe Arab Bank plc (EAB) – Scam Alert

Europe Arab Bank plc (EAB) is aware of the existence of certain websites impersonating EAB’s own website such as (www.euabplc.com, https://eabgrouponline.com and www.europearabonline.com ). This is currently undergoing investigation and has been reported to relevant authorities. Please do not enter any personal account details on this website.

We advise all our clients to be observant when signing into online banking services. Please be vigilant and precautious in accessing our website, especially where personal information is prompted. Europe Arab Bank has only one live website: www.eabplc.com. Do ensure to always double check the URL link or manually write the text in directly than clicking on any suspicious links.

We also urge our clients to be suspicious of unsolicited emails, phone calls and texts that ask for personal or financial information. EAB will not ask you to state your personal details, specifically passwords, through these mediums.

If you believe your account may be compromised, please contact us immediately at marketing@eabplc.com

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