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Europe Arab Bank is part of the Arab Bank Group. Established 90 years ago, the group has a global network of more than 600 branches across five continents.


Vision & Values

Our niche proposition is focused on supporting clients wherever in Europe, North America and the MENA region they live, work or want to do business.



We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and do business. Our people are respectful, considerate and responsible corporate citizens.



  • Standard & Poor's 2020: BB+ 


Managing our business
Corporate responsibility is managed within the wider framework for managing our business and in accordance with the high standards of corporate governance that we aim to maintain across all areas of our firm.

Policies and procedures
We have procedures for all our responsibilities that cover regulation, risk and compliance issues, the health, safety and security of our employees and staff, social, ethical and environmental issues.

We appreciate the importance of minimising the impact of our business on the environment and do so wherever possible through the efficient use of energy and resources and by deploying recycling initiatives.

Vision & Values


Client focused 
Clients come first; we offer a strategic relationship tailored to meet clients' needs and which helps them realise their goals in the recognition that satisfied clients will lead to the long-term success of our business.

Team minded 
We are collaborative in our approach – across our business, our group and towards our clients – in order to deliver the best possible products and solutions teamed with service that clients can depend on.

Europe Arab Bank is proud of its heritage as a trusted bank and advisor. As a public quoted company and part of a group with a reputation for prudence, clients can depend on us to act with care and have confidence in our competence.

We take our responsibilities towards the custody and investment of our clients' money / assets very seriously and act with due diligence and integrity. Our people are respectful and considerate members of the global community and behave as responsible corporate citizens. We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and where we do business.

Knowledgeable and progressive 
We place a high value on knowledge and expertise and have a progressive outlook. We are committed to building on our many years' experience and first-hand knowledge and understanding of the economic, political, social and commercial issues in Europe and MENA to the benefit of our clients - as locals operating in the region and as an international bank with access to a global network.

Proud of our diversity 
EAB views its diversity as a strength. It plays a positive role in forging meaningful working relationships that lead to effective outcomes for our clients, our business and our shareholders.


We first achieved the award in 2009. Companies are reassessed every three years in order to ensure they maintain the standard, and since our initial assessment the IIP have introduced additional levels of recognition – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The assessor's report notes that particular areas of strength for EAB include:

  • Our learning and development strategy
  • Our managers' alignment with our values
  • Our managers are highly aware of the knowledge, skills and behaviours they require
  • We recognise learning is an everyday occurrence
  • We have well developed KPIs, performance review systems and monitors.

The IIP accreditation is a national quality standard designed to help companies improve their business performance through their people. In achieving the Silver award we have demonstrated our continued commitment to empowering employees, supporting a company-wide culture of learning and creating a high-performance environment that delivers the ultimate value to clients.

About Investors in People
The UK’s leading people management standard, Investors in People (IIP) provides a simple and flexible framework helping thousands of organisations of all sizes and sectors to improve their business performance. Across the country IIPUK’s Delivery Partners work with almost 40,000 organisations employing 7.5 million people to develop the management and development of their teams.

IIP was launched in 1991 and is maintained by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is one of EAB’s objectives to ensure that it is a responsible corporate citizen and that its people are empowered to work ethically, be charitable and where possible, invest back into the communities in which it operates.

Charitable Giving
EAB promotes charitable giving through its ‘£FOR£ Scheme’ which incentivises employees to raise money for charity, internally and externally, by matching any money which they have raised up to a maximum amount.

EAB employees undertake various activities within the Bank to help raise money for charitable organisations. They also raise money outside of the Bank by participating in sponsored events such as running marathons, hiking up mountains and taking part in bike races. All of these efforts benefit from the ‘EAB £FOR£ Scheme’, raising even more money for worthy causes.

Some of the charities which have benefitted from EAB's '£FOR£ scheme' include:  Children in Need, Jeans for Genes, Parkinson's UK, GOSH, Cancer Research, Kidney Research UK, Action on Pre-Eclampsia, St. Christopher's Hospice, The Brompton Foundation, Barnardo's and many more.

EAB is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and actively seek the most sustainable solutions to our day to day activities.

Our people ensure that all of our paper waste is recycled and that, where they can, they conserve energy in all our offices across Europe.

Work Experience and Internship Placements
EAB provides work experience and internship placements and believes that such programmes are key to the development of the skills and competencies which are needed to succeed in the workplace. Although the Bank can only provide a limited number of placements due to the size and structure of the organisation, it acknowledges the benefits that placements can have for students and EAB employees alike.

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